Flame Resistant Protective Apparel Fabrics

Stanco’s Flame Resistant Protective Apparel is for Secondary Protection and is designed to be worn continuously in the work
place. These products must be comfortable and fit well, not shrink and reflect the image the user wishes to present with regard to style and color. Most importantly, they must retain the flame resistant properties for the useful life of the garments.

What FR fabrics does Stanco use in their garments? We offer, and keep in our inventory, the following:

FabricDescription & Characteristics
FR7A by Westex100% Cotton produced with the gaseous ammonia or ammonia cure reaction. An economical product available in 9 or 11.5 oz. fabric weights and a wide range of colors: visual green, yellow, orange, navy blue, red, brown (Welder’s Wear). Flame resistant properties usually last 25-50 laundering cycles.
Indura by WestexA higher grade 100% cotton. Flame resistant properties are guaranteed for the life of the garment if proper laundering instructions are followed. A wide range of colors are available
Indura® Ultra Soft® by WestexThe highest level of quality and protection in an FR Cotton fabric. 88% cotton and 12% high tenacity nylon with guaranteed flame resistance for the life of the garment, confirms an excellent value equation. The new softer feel enhances cotton comfort and provides superior protection from electric arc and flash fire exposures.
BANWEAR® by Itex, TUFFSTUFF® by WestexFR Cotton/Nylon blend fabrics consisting of 88% cotton and 12% nylon designed to increase abrasion resistance. The fabrics are finished with the ammonia cure process. A wide range of colors and weights are available. Garments made from these fabrics usually last 5 times that of standard FR materials
NOMEX®, NOMEX IIIA® by DupontManufactured by Dupont. A product that is inherently flame resistant and this property cannot be degraded by laundering. The garment life is usually 3-5 times that of FR cotton. 4.5 oz., 6.0 oz. and 10.0 oz. weights in a wide variety of colors are available
TUFFWELD® by Southern MillsFlame Resistant fabric designed for Welding Garments. A blend of Kevlar, FR Lenzing Rayon and other FR Materials, affords this fabric to have superior protection in welding applications, excellent durability and exceptional comfort. Available in 8.5 oz. (Shirts, Coveralls, Pants, Capes, Sleeves, Jackets and Aprons); and 10 oz. (Capes, Jackets, Aprons, Coveralls). Medium brown color only, this is a woven product.
Aluguard® by WestexA new, wool based fabric for molten aluminum splash protection. Available in two weights: 10 and 13 oz. Comfortable and durable, medium blue color.
VINEX® FR9B by WestexA blend of 85% Vinyl and 15% FR Rayon to effect use in resisting molten aluminum splash. The fabric is inherently flame resistant and cannot be degraded by laundering. Available in navy and medium blue shades.
P.B.I® Gold by CelanesePBI (Polybenzimidazole) and Kevlar effects an inherently flame resistant quality fabric recommended for professional fire fighters and other career apparel. Gas “flash suits” are commonly made from PBI/Kevlar. Available in 4.5 oz. weight in a light gold color.
100% WoolFlame resistant wool effects excellent insulation qualities, is cost effective and long lasting. Available in several colors and weights.
AL1400® by ItexA non-phosphorus containing flame resistant treatment for 100% cotton. Designed for use where there are aluminum splash exposure risks. Fabric finished weight is 14 oz. per square yard, denim (light blue) color, sturdy twill construction.
Carbon FeltHigh Temperature Material with protection up to 3000°! Lightweight and durable, scratch resistant. Excellent for automotive applications. Recommended for equipment, area and personal protection. Available in blankets and roll stock. 17 oz. per square yard finished weight. Black color.