Stanco's Standard Arc Flash Kit - Featuring Westex UltraSoft Fabric

Legendary Westex UltraSoft® Fabric.
Trusted Protection.

Stanco’s Standard Arc Flash Kit offers maximum comfort plus unbeatable protective performance.

Featuring Westex UltraSoft® fabric, the garments provide a soft feel for greater comfort, enhanced wear life and proven protection. The fabric is engineered to focus the excellent abrasion resistance of the nylon on the outer surface to prolong garment wear life, while the cotton fibers are focused towards the skin to optimize comfort.

Stanco's Standard Arc Flash Kit with Westex UltraSoft Fabric - Stanco Safety Products

Our Standard Arc Flash Kit –
Now available with the TransVision Shield

Optimum eye protection when you need it

The TransVision Shieldfrom Stanco reacts immediatelyto an arc flash –darkening instantly to protect againsttemporary blindness and permanent eye damage.

Clear Vision

Unlike tinted face shields that can impair your vision, our uniquely-coated lens lets you see clearly. Colored wires can be easily identified without lifting the visor.

TransVision Shield - Stanco Safety Products

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TransVision Shield