Fabric & Material Reference Chart

Listed below is a quick reference chart for many of the fabrics/materials we use for gloves, clothing and accessories. New fabrics are constantly being tested and introduced. Check with your Customer Service Representative for new and improved styles.

Fabric/Material Prefix/Abbreviation
AL 1400 AL14
Carbon Kevlar ACK
Kevlar AK
Fiberglass AGL
Kevlar Twill AKT
Leather AL
Rayon, Standard AR
Rayon, Heavyweight HAR
Aluguard ALG
Carbon Felt CF
Banwear FRB
Denim, Blue Non-FR BD
Duck, Non-Durable, FR FPD
Duck, Non-FR CD
Fleece (Glove Linings) FL
FR, Durable, Green, 9 oz. FR
FR, Durable, Heavy, Green, 12 oz HFR
FR, Durable, Navy, 9 oz NBFR
FR, Durable, Orange, 9 oz ORFR
Indura, 9 oz FRI
Indura, 12 oz HFRI
Indura Ultra Soft, 7 oz US7
Indura Ultra Soft, 9 oz US9
Indura Ultra Soft, 12 oz US12
Fiberglass, Standard, 28 oz FG
Fiberglass, Heavyweight, 36 oz HG
Fabric/Material Prefix/Abbreviation
Kevlar Blend K
Capeskin C
Deersplit D
Grain Cowhide G
Split Cowhide L
Grain Pigskin P
Thermoleather, Brown TH
Tuffweld TW
Nomex IIIA Aramid, 4.5 oz NX4
Nomex IIIA Aramid, 6 oz NX6
Nomex IIIA Aramid, 10 oz. NX10
Nomex, Non-Woven (Glove Linings) NL
PBI/Kevlar Blend KP
PBI/Kevlar Blend, Heavyweight HKP
Terrycloth 100% TK
Twill, 8 oz KTW
Silica, 18 oz SI
36 oz HSI
Steel Stitch/Wire Sewn SS
Velcro (Hook or Loop), Suffix to Style No VC
Vertex Glass VG
Vinex for Aluminum Industries FR9B
Welder’s Wear FR Cotton, Russet, 12 oz W
Wool Knit (Glove Linings) WL
Non Woven BW
Zirpro Wool ZW