Leather / Glove Terminology

Leather Attributes

Side Split refers to the portion of the hide that surrounds the rib area. It is the most durable and uniform of the leather cuts.

Shoulder Split is that part of the hide cut from the neck and shoulder. While not as strong and uniform as the side split, the cuts from this section still yield a high-quality product.

Grain Leather is taken from the top position of the hide and produces products that are soft, smooth and very flexible.

Glove Cuts

Clute Cut: Has a seamless palm area and seams that extend down the entire back.

Gunn Cut: Seamless back and a seam at the base of the middle fingers.

Reversible: Thumb is positioned on the side of the glove so that the glove may be worn on either hand.

Glove Thumbs

Keystone Thumb: Allows for superior movement and overall comfort.

Wing Thumb: Angled thumb position offers great flexibility.

Straight Thumb: A traditional design that offers the users superior gripping.