TT20-712AF - Air Flow Hood

Air Flow Hood
Style 712AF 


  • 1-or 2-ply Face Shield attached with FR Hook and Loop
  • Accommodates Hard Hat (not included)
  • Battery Powered Air Flow System operates for 9 continuous hours
  • Dual fans with one blowing in and one blowing out
  • Unit is permanently attached to back of hood. Unit is for circulation purposes only, not filtration

Cal Ratings:

  • 12.4 cal/cm2
  • 21.0 cal/cm2
  • 38.7 cal/cm2
  • 51.3 cal/cm2
  • 62.1 cal/cm2

Westex UltraSoft®

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Weight oz/yd²

Arc rating cal/cm²


Hazard Risk Category