TV55712 – TransVision Shield™

Instantly darkens to protect your eyes


  • Specially coated lens gives a clear view and realistic perception of colors
  • Washable arc-rated textile (FR-Tex CA 350) is thermally resistant to destruction or ignition when exposed to intense heat and light
  • Ergonomic lightweight design minimizes strain on head and neck
  • NFPA 70E CAT 4 tested to meet 55 cal/cm2 APTV rating in accordance with ASTM 2178-12 and ANSI Z87.1 for impact resistance
  • Available in NFPA 70E CAT 3 tested to meet 31 cal/cm2 (#TV31712)
  • On/Off operation and low battery warning
  • 2 year warranty (except batteries and textile)

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Product Information


Lightweight compound, high-arc protector with large viewing area, bright see-through state, ON/OFF operation and low battery warning LED.

Ultraviolet Protection

voltcap® hard 55CAL/CM: U6

Infra-red Protection

voltcap® hard 55CAL/CM: R2.5

Light transmission - visible range

Light – open state: 25 % Dark – closed state: 0.0012 %

Power supply

2 pcs LI-batteries 3V exchangeable (CR2032)

Battery Life

Approx. 3000 hours (operating)


1 wide angle detection sensor

Switching Time

Light to dark: 0.16 ms at room temperature – 0.11 ms at 55°C / 131°F Dark to light: 0.16 ms

Shape stability

Mask: up to 220°C / 428°F – Front cover lens: up to 137°C / 279°F

Protection for LCD

Reflection-free front cover lens and inside cover lens

Operating Temperature

-10°C to + 60°C / 14°F to 158°F

Application ranges

Used by electrical workers exposed to momentary electric arc and related thermal hazards. Prohibited for welding!


voltcap® hard, instruction manual, batteries

ATPV rating

voltcap® hard 55CAL/CM: 55 cal/cm

Hazard Risk Categories - NFPA 70E

voltcap® hard 55CAL/CM: 1-4

Industry Standards

voltcap® hard 55CAL/CM: ANSI Z87.1 U6 & R2.5 / ASTM F2178 /ASTM F1506.10a


2 years (except batteries and textile)