CoolWorks Vented Work Pants

Heat Stress is serious business. Features of Coolworks Workwear.

Vented Work Pants that Feel Like Shorts

The dangers of heat stress are very real. Exposure to extreme heat can cause heat exhaustion, heat stroke, heat cramps or heat rashes. Additionally, high levels of heat can increase the risk of worker injuries due to sweaty palms or dizziness. For workers in industrial environments, it’s crucial to find ways to reduce the heat – and cut the risk of heat stress.

Coolworks® workpants are specially designed to relieve heat stress in the workplace. These highly engineered, durable pants are vented with patented, tear-resistant mesh from the knee down to provide a safer, more comfortable clothing option for industrial workers.


  • Reduced heat stress
  • Comfort of shorts
  • Protection of long pants
  • Relaxed fit
  • Professional, industrial style
  • Increased visibility from reflective material


  • Multi-use cargo pockets
  • Tear-resistant reinforced mesh
  • Concealed zipper for easy on/off leg covers
  • Stands up to industrial laundering
  • Durable rip-stop fabric
Lime-Yellow and Navy Blue Coolworks pants with closeup of mesh

Available in Navy Blue and High-Vis Lime-Yellow

Heat is exhausted through vents

Heat map of conventional work pants - Front and rear view

Conventional Work Pants (front and rear views)

Heat map of COOLWORKS® Pants - Front and Rear views

COOLWORKS® Pants (front and rear views)